Genetix LLC is proud to announce its Corporate Sponsorship with the Independent Pharmacy Cooperative (IPC). Genetix LLC compensates pharmacies to qualify its aging population for a DNA screening benefit enabling patients with hereditary insight and their physicians with knowledge to construct life-saving clinical protocols. As a community pharmacy, 

  • Are you looking for an in-demand, ongoing and growing revenue stream?

  • Would you like another means to tighten your relationship with the Medicare community?

  • Would you like to be your community’s unique source of next generation sequencing education?


The Opportunity

On January 27th, 2020, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) determined in A Decision Memo for Medicare Beneficiaries with Advanced Cancer (CAG-00450R) that: 

Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) may determine coverage of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) as a reasonable, necessary and nationally covered diagnostic laboratory test when: performed by a CLIA-certified laboratory; ordered by a treating physician; results are provided to a treating physician for patient management and; the following requirements are met;

1) A patient has been diagnosed with any cancer and,

2) Has a clinical indication (signs or symptoms) for inherited cancer and, 

3) Has a risk factor (2 or more relatives) for inherited cancer. 

The above Decision Memo is reconsideration of the NGS Medicare National Coverage Determination (NCD) Manual (Pub. 100-03) codified in section 90.2 effective 03-16-18. CMS determines the NGS benefit is a patient’s genetic variations can, in concert with other clinical factors, predict how individuals respond to treatments. Plus, hereditary (germline) knowledge can predetermine cancer risk factors in family members.

The Genetix Difference

Genetix LLC is tenured national network of health insurance agents and pharmacies facilitating Cancer Genomic (CGX) Screening for their communities and business networks. Genetix LLC is pledged to relentless compliance of nationwide regulations (e.g., AKS, False Claims Act, EKRA, Stark) and has developed a platform workflow qualifying beneficiaries, engaging patient physicians in treatment and results, monitoring cheek swab test kit logistics and managing CLIA-certified laboratories. 



Specifically, the Genetix electronic platform will empower pharmacy technicians and/or pharmacists to interview Medicare members regarding personal cancer history and family hereditary history to see if they qualify for a one-time lifetime benefit of a full panel DNA genomic cancer (CGX) screening. If qualified, pharmacy employees will notate physician contact data, applicant demographic information, member insurance/ID and secure the applicant’s signature agreeing to the DNA test. Genetix will take it from there and compensate the pharmacy the very next month for the qualified beneficiary. 

Genetix will facilitate contact with the applicant’s primary care physician, oncologist or dermatologist for inclusion in ongoing treatment, medical necessity for prescription order. Once ordered, A DNA test kit will be overnighted to the applicant’s home. Upon receipt, all information is forwarded to a CLIA-certified genetic laboratory for analysis and resulting. Results are forwarded to the patient’s testing physician for treatment augmentation. 

Bottom Line: Genetix compensates pharmacies $150 for 15-20 minutes of time.

Let’s discuss how your pharmacy can make a difference in your community and create a new revenue stream!

Eric G. Towns
National Account Manager
Office (708) 620-6560